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In PT Cahaya Teknindo Majumandiri, we aim to give you a fulfilling career. We provide new hires with extensive training in their field of work. We constantly challege our team in a stimulating work environment. Each year, CTM also organizes numerous bonding events for our employees, such incentive trips to countries like Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore.

Our Team

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Name                  : Rizky

Position              : Head of Purchasing

Length of Work : 20 years

Impression :

Cahaya Teknindo Majumandiri is a place for me to be able to develop my potential. And as long as I work here I don't feel there is a gap between senior and junior employees and everyone is welcomed with open arms at CTM.

Message :

For all teams, keep cohesiveness, help each other and learn to be able to develop even better.

Name                  : Imran Natsir

Position              : Project Koordinator

Length of Work : 9 years

Impression :

The complexity of my work, especially in the field I love, Engineering is what made me love working in Cahaya Teknindo Majumandiri. Mechanical-Electrical engineering is not easy by any means, but I relish a good challege.

Message :

To enjoy our work, we must first gauge our capabilities and then work to improve ourselves.

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Name                : Sarwo

Position             : Project Manager

Length of Work : 24 years

Impression :

The things we learn and do isn't available in school. The beauty of this job is that we learn as we work. Working as a Project Manager and experiencing a different experience in each project as a united team is what makes me love working in CTM.

Message :

Learn, be commited and most importantly, enjoy working as you will never have an experience like this anywhere else.

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