Efficiency, Perfection, Customer Satisfaction


In CTM, we aim to give you a fulfilling career. We provide new hires with extensive training in their field of work. We constantly challege our team in a stimulating work environment. Each year, CTM also organizes numerous bonding events for our employees, such incentive trips to countries like Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore.

Name: Jefrey

Position: GM - Marketing 

Years in CTM:7


"Ever since I started working at CTM, I found CTM to have a very inviting work atmosphere. The marketing team I work in is very concise and the goals that we set on ourselves is clear and realistic."

Message for future employees:

"Learn as much as you can as we will never run out of things to learn in the Mechanical-Electrical engineering industry. The skills we acquire we will use and need for the rest of our lives."



Position: Financial Controller

Years in CTM: 3


"Being in the accounting team I experienced just how bonded the employees are. The systems we have in the accounting team is of an impeccable quality and it makes my job that much easier."

First Impressions at CTM:

"I feel that there really isn't a divide between the senior and the junior employees and everyone is welcomed with open arms in CTM."


Position: GM - Operational

Years in CTM: 10


"I learnt alot working in CTM. I started working in the workshop. I was then modled to be suitable working in the projects. Through the years, I was taught the leadership skills that I possess today."

First Impressions at CTM:

"To enjoy our work, we must first gauge our capabilities and then work to improve ourselves."

Name: Ludiyono

Position: Project Manager

Years in CTM: 5


"The complexity of my work, especially in the field I love, Engineering is what made me love working in CTM. Mechanical-Electrical engineering is not easy by any means, but I relish a good challege."

Message for future employees:

"Stay hungry, don't stop working."


Name: Frederick

Position: Engineering Manager

Years in CTM: 7


"The things we learn and do isn't available in school. The beauty of this job is that we learn as we work. Working in the estimate team and experiencing a different experience in each project as a united team is what makes me love working in CTM."

Message for future employees:

"Learn, be commited and most importantly, enjoy working as you will never have an experience like this anywhere else."